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Future Challenges

  • Dynamic business environment in an ever-changing market of customer requirements
  • Increasing expectations and demands from customers
  • Lack of qualified staff as well as difficulty in retention of trained staff
  • Unprecedented global financial downturn

Key Thrusts

  • Effective information exchange and communication network
  • Staff delegation and dedication through reputable and reliable products, staff training and motivation
  • Effect positive and efficient work processes to achieve shorter turnaround time for customers
  • Focus on core business and enhance value-addedness to customer projects
  • Continuously seek better financing terms, banking facilities and improve collection to enhance cashflow management


Vietnam has the longest mass of land along Indochina with a long border shared with China, Laos and Cambodia, and an open coastal line on the other side. Security management is a real challenge especially since it is an emerging market attracting plenty of attention, what with the arrival of foreigners and global citizens seeking their fortune or a quick return on their investments.

Vietnam, with a very rich hinterland in both agricultural as well as natural resources, coupled with very little exposure to toxic credit products, will recover faster than most of the regional markets in the light of the global financial downturn. The country, with its stable government, focuses on developing the infrastructure to enhance its citizens' welfare as well as to catch up with global developed markets on both economic and political fronts.

Vietnam can tap on the best practices around the world to develop its resources and economy in a more efficient manner. Vietnam has enjoyed political stability and a consistent GDP growth of about 8% for the last decade, which is optimistic compared to many regional markets. Furthermore, they are rich in natural resources available for exploration and development.

Cambodia and Myanmar are also among the emerging countries following in the footsteps of Vietnam in developing their infrastructure in a bid to reap similar economic benefits that are being enjoyed by their neighbours.

Exotic Pac-Rim Pte Ltd strongly believes that Vietnam is the market that will recover more quickly from this financial downturn . Vietnam has tremendous growth potential and this will be greatly beneficial to us. On the other hand, Cambodia and Myanmar are the markets that we can leverage on with our team of trained staff to develop our presence on a project basis and also be the first mover at their infant stage of development.